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New Generation of Violin Technology Beyond Stradivari and Tourte Benchmarks with State-of-the-Art Optimization.

Black Pearls on Your Strings

Installed between the ball end of the strings and the tailpiece, this cutting-edge technology minimizes energy loss to accessories and directs string energy into the wooden body for increased body vibration. Proven to deliver up to 2.6 times more sound projection and a 38% shorter reaction time, thanks to its patented mechanical design with ultra-lightness (US patent no. 11205406, China patent no. CN 113554995 BSouth Korea patent no. 10-2442445).

 Physics behind String Bean™ are summarized in the product description and detailed in the professional paper from prestigious research institutes, "Preservation of the Harmonic Overtones in the Violin Family Beyond Stradivari."

Want to transcend yourself?  Order the Black Pearls for your strings now to unleash the full potential of your instrument and elevate your musical experience today!

Before/After Comparison

by courtesy of and recommended by Thomas Yee, the concertmaster of San Francisco Philharmonic orchestra.

Installation Tutorial

The Essential Accessory

 for Top Musicians

No need to buy a new instrument, String Bean™ is the best solution for your comrades in arms.

Available from 1/4-sized violins to full-sized cellos, experience unparalleled sound quality.  String Bean™ for strings are durable with no drop in performance in the first use.  For the best sound quality, renew your string beans with strings for seamless experience.  Elevate your playing and take your performance to new heights with cutting-edge String Bean™ technology.

Academic Gene

Physics Genius Unveils a Groundbreaking New Musical Landscape

A prodigy in physics, Dr. Chyh-Hong Chern obtained his Ph.D from Stanford University, USA, later worked as a research fellow in University of Tokyo, Japan, and quickly rose to full professorship at National Taiwan University by the age of 40. With a track record of exceptional talent and achievement, he made seminal contributions to material physics and collaborated with leading US and Japanese research teams. In 2020, Dr. Chern left his tenured faculty position to fully focus on founding String Bean Ltd. Discover more about the mastermind in the company's Brand Story.

String Bean Gallery


String Bean™ technology guarantees superior sound quality for strings, delivering exceptional audio performance every time.


The String Bean™ technology offers silent tuning for strings, ensuring a disturbance-free performance experience.  Please go to FAQ for more details.


String Bean™ fine-tunes underperforming strings to achieve unparalleled sound quality.

String Bean Channel

In particular, String Bean™ helps kids in their early education and advances them in their concerts, competitions, and to the dream musical conservatory.

String Bean Business

Bring new hope to your musicians with String Bean™ technology. As we continue to push the boundaries of sound innovation, we're seeking dynamic business partners in key markets including the U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Join our mission to change the world! Get in touch with us today.