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Academic Gene

 String Bean™ — a brand of a Professor's Passionate Pursuit of Excellence in Physics and Music

When our founder's daughter first showed an interest in the violin at the age of three, he wanted to support her passion. He purchased a 1/10-sized violin for her, but was quickly disappointed with its lack of quality and subpar sound. He believed that professional musicians needed high-quality instruments to excel, and that mediocre instruments would never lead to success.

Determined to help his daughter, he poured his knowledge as a highly accomplished physicist into a comprehensive study of the violin family. Through his hard work and dedication, he discovered a solution - String Bean™ for strings.

Dr. Chyh-Hong Chern, our co-founder and inventor, has a Ph.D in theoretical physics from Stanford University and a distinguished career in academia. He left his tenured position at National Taiwan University to bring his latest invention to life.

When our founder's daughter tried the prototype for the first time, she was amazed at the transformation of her instrument. With the help of String Bean™, she quickly mastered the fundamentals of playing the violin. This inspired Dr. Chern to believe that no musician should be limited by their instrument.

At String Bean Ltd., we are dedicated to sharing the latest advancements in research and technology with young musicians everywhere. By resigning from his academic position, Dr. Chern has brought a new hope to the musical community. String Bean™ represents the next chapter in musical history, filled with happiness and limitless potential.

The Brilliance of Black Pearls

     String Bean Ltd. is a world-class company revolutionizing the field of acoustic technology. Our portfolio of international patents is a testament to our commitment to innovation and dedication to enhancing the musical experience. The flagship product, String Bean™ for strings, is a groundbreaking solution that transforms the sound quality of violins, violas, and cellos.

Music education is a crucial part of a child's development, and the sound quality of their instrument is just as important as their technique. With the String Bean™ installed, children will experience the joy of playing and listening to high-quality music, boosting their confidence and sparking their love for music. We understand that purchasing a top-quality instrument can be challenging for families, but with our affordable solution, every child can have access to the best musical experience.

The String Bean™ is designed for versatility, and can be installed on contemporary instruments and antiques to achieve the best results. Its unique design focuses and amplifies specific strings, resolving wolf tones and enhancing clarity across registers. The heightened, nuanced response provides musicians with greater creativity and inspiration, allowing them to concentrate on musicality and perform challenging passages with confidence. The String Bean™ is a key component of an enhanced musical experience, bringing musicians closer to musical nirvana. 

Co-Founder and CTO

Chyh-Hong Chern., Ph.D.


Ph.D. in physics, 2004
Stanford University, USA

Academic Experience

National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Assistant, Associate, Full Professor (2008 - 2021)

University of Tokyo, Japan
Post-doctoral Fellow (2004 - 2008)


American Physical Society

String Bean Ltd.
12F No. 101, Nanjing E. Rd. Sec. 2nd, Taipei, Taiwan